Resident Evil 7 Review By Lawrence Pepple The Reviewer

Been in the dark with gaming for awhile, So I’m happy I finally got the chance to play Resident Evil 7,  “Hey better late then never.”

Well Let’s get to it, Ethan the person you’ll be playing as gets a video through an email from a woman named mia telling him that she is in trouble but not to come looking for her. Of course he does otherwise I wouldn’t have much to say and there wouldn’t be much game play. Ethan drives to the house, from there is where the exploring or investigation starts.

Resident Evil 7 is the first ever first person shooter game, if you can count RE dead aim but that’s another story. You begin exploring the house outside trying to make your way in,”I must say the graphics are smooth and realistic, like all PS4 games with crisp movie like quality.” After finding a door on the side of the house you enter, “I’ll tell ya outside is less creepy than inside.” Inside you walk into something straight out of The Texas chain saw massacre filled with cockroaches , out of date food (or mystery food), dead birds, and heads. A real sick mess that made me uneasy and you’ll want to catch a 180 out of there.

Going on….You find Mia but she is plagued with a disease that turns here into a monster like zombie with black eyes and veins all over her body. You find out the whole family that lives there is also plagued and have gone completely mad at which point the family member Jack captures you. You wake up tied to a chair, and for the first time come face to face with the plagued Baker family.

Quick spoilers Your objective is to save Mia, escape the house and find a cure to save Mia and the Bakers.

Now lets get into the gameplay, Like classic RE style you must find things that help you complete the objective at hand. The creators of RE bring back jump scares which was not seen in the series for awhile. It makes the game more challenging and of course scary. Meeting Jack(baker husband) for the first time will make your heart skip a couple of paces. He is scary and the way he speaks in a happy and Psychotic tone is what will truly freak you out. When hiding he’ll make you want to stay in place and pray that he doesn’t find you.

To me it was hard to face my fear and sneak past him, the thought of him finding me and his reaction was nerve racking. The problem with Jack and the rest of the family is they cant die or be decapitated because they regenerate like Deadpool. This is were curing them is the key to saving them and completing the game.

The New feature that I mentioned was the first person view which I think is great for making the game look realistic, for VR users the intensity will scare your pants off. With my 50in TV it made me feel as if I was in the TV. The only two negative things about the game are…One is there aren’t to many monsters in the beginning part or even when you meet jacks wife. Now that isn’t a complete negative because the atmosphere makes up for it with its exploring and creepiness. The Baker family makes your night a living hell, you’re trying to hide from them while finding items, or a way to kill them. Lets just say your on the move to make it alive. The second issue and only real negative is LOADING time based off of the amount of gigs, some parts of the game like moving on to a new level take awhile to load up. Hopefully with modern technology it’s something they can fix in the near future.

I had more things to say like my favorite moments and dislikes of the game but that would lead to more depth and spoilers which I’ll talk about at a later time in a full length Review. All and all Resident evil 7 is a new and fun adventure with a big game changer from previous RE series, I hope RE continues to explore new things to make the series better.

I give it a 9 out of a 10.