Outlast PS4 Review by Lawrence J Pepple Jr The Reviewer

Outlast the survival horror story line is pretty to the point. The character Miles Supshur  “played by you” gets an email from a man (whose is Anonymous if you count 10260110756@mutemail.com as a name) he tells you bad experiments are being made at the Asylum that need to be exposed, determine to expose the terrifying things going on. You find your way in to investigate whats going on only to find out that the Asylum is overrun by the inmates who have gone on a killing spree. Now it’s up to you to find out how this happened, show the world whats happening and to Escape the Asylum.

Now for the game play your treated with a first person view, all you have is a camcorder, your legs to run and to hide and sneak pass people. You’re helpless which is what I think makes the game objective more challenging by finding keys or key cards to open doors, fix elevator with fuses or other things to help you progress. Now this doesn’t help your night get any better because what you will be dealing with are all the crazy’s that want to kill you in the sickest ways possible. This is where your hiding and sneaking comes to play and you will need this for survival from the crazies. There are places to hide and be truly unseen such as lockers or under beds. “Keep in mind they will search lockers or beds so pray they don’t find you.” You also have the Ability to run and look behind you which is awesome (also realistic) with this feature you’ll always know how close the crazies are and plan quick hiding place…If they see you go into hiding, your hiding place is a FAIL.

Now on to the camcorder this is another key element to help you film events and also use it to see in the dark which you will be using a lot of the time. Using the light on the cam you will waste battery life, you will need to find batteries to keep it running. The batteries are scattered all around the asylum and you can hold up to 10 batteries but they are limited so use them wisely or you’ll be in the dark unless you have super vision. You also collect files which you read and find more about whats happened in the asylum. You can grab these files or not its up to you. “I find them pointless… you learn more about the story as you advance.” This game keeps you curious and keeps you wanting to continue exploring more to find the answers you need.

The graphics are pretty good since it was released in 2013 and moved to PS4 and Xbox. It isn’t PS4 real life graphics but almost spot on to give you the heart attack you need with a first person view. The people you encounter are freaky and crazy that you will surely have a rush of butterfly’s and panic going through your body. They also have jump scares so be ready to scream, jump, panic, or do whatever movements you would do. Your pants will fly off  your body because this game throws everything at you but the kitchen sink. “I tell you some parts of this game are so scary that its hard to really press on, you’ll feel like your in the game and don’t want to get caught or worse die.”

The main person you will meet is the mother of all horror and that’s the mad doctor. This guy loves to torture, play with his victims, and may I add likes to joke while doing so. When you come across him he catches you and wheels you in a wheelchair to this room that he does his surgeries in…”let me tell ya its not pretty.” This part is just disturbing once he brings you in this room he starts talking in his creepy voice and picking his weapon of choose he then chops off 2 of your fingers. He’s a person I believe will give you a hard time to escape.

Outlast is a spot on classic horror at its finest. There are some flaws in the game like skipping or hiccups and for some reason coming close to the end when you die the game will load and just keep loading. I’m not sure if its just the digital copy that has that problem but its annoying and happens a lot. Hopefully the disc version makes the cut with new updates and less loading time.

Outlast for the most part is a solid horror game and I give this bad boy a 8.5 out of a 10




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