Annie’s Shells and white cheddar by Lawrence J Pepple Jr The Reviewer

Can you think back to when you were a kid? What was your favorite meal to enjoy?

Mine was Macaroni and cheese! I mean who doesn’t love cheese topped foods!!! Anyway catering to my inner child I decided to try Annie’s White Cheddar Mac&Cheese (side note I’m a huge fan of cheddar so its no surprise I picked this flavor).

After waiting for what seemed like forever for one of my meal to cook AAAHHH I tasted it and I HATED IT!! I was not a fan, what used to be my favorite meal was quickly turned a nightmare…Where is the cheese? They must have forgotten to give me the rest cheese or maybe the factory was running low that day..hahaha

No but seriously I could hardly taste the cheddar which is the key to enjoying mac and cheese. The problem with it is that the box comes with a little “emphasis on the little” bag of powdered cheddar. “I don’t know if Annie knows this…but someone should let her know and soon” mixing powder with hot shells means it doesn’t melt right away, the cheddar chucks up and gets stuck inside the shells. You get chunks of cheese in one spoon and salt water taste in another spoon full.

Annie I’m sorry but at this point I’m going to have to say “Forget the cheddar Velveeta is better” This dish in my book unfortunately is not a winner


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